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Kensington Voice is a community-driven newsroom and publication serving the heart of Kensington in North Philadelphia. We generally cover stories from Cecil B. Moore Avenue to Tioga Street and from 6th Street to Aramingo Avenue. This includes parts of Norris Square, Fairhill, Harrowgate, and Port Richmond.

  • Zip codes based on coverage area: 19134, 19133, 19122, 19125

Our bilingual content, written in both English and Spanish, consists of news stories, personal essays, and resources for people in the neighborhood. We also highlight community events on our website and social media platforms, like Facebook

Kensington Voice began in August 2018 in a journalism class at the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University. The class was created on a hunch that Kensington was too often at the center of stigmatizing news coverage that wasn’t meeting the community’s needs.

For several months, student journalists and organizers hit the streets, working alongside community organizations and residents to reclaim Kensington’s narrative and form a prototype for what the neighborhood wanted from a community newsroom. We most often heard that “Kensington needs a voice,” and Kensington Voice was born.

We’ve operated as a pop-up newsroom at libraries, subway and bus stations, parks, street corners, art-making spaces, and more. In January 2019, we launched our website. Since then, we’ve also hosted various community storytelling workshops at the Free Library branches and neighborhood nonprofit spaces like The Lighthouse and The Kensington Storefront

In the summer of 2019, we received funding from the Independence Media Foundation to expand our efforts. With that support, we were able to hire several recent Temple graduates to work as journalists, and current and former Kensington residents, too. On March 17, 2020, we signed a lease for a public newsroom space on Lehigh Avenue. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been working remotely and providing information to the community through our COVID-19 resource guide and our COVID-19 news in Spanish translation project.

If you’d like to send us any feedback, story ideas, or you just need help finding some resources, email us at editors@kensingtonvoice.com


Our mission as a newsroom is to cover the Kensington-area with empathy and thoughtfulness while also creating journalism that is for the community, not just about the community. We want Kensington Voice to be a platform for residents to reclaim their neighborhood’s narrative and voice their concerns.


Our vision is a community that is better connected with power structures in Philadelphia, more engaged in the political process, and provided with the resources needed to build a clean, healthy, and safe neighborhood.


Our newsroom is located at 3237 Amber Street, Unit 4-3-A (19134), just a half block north of Allegheny Avenue, three blocks from Kensington Avenue.


We are funded by the Independence Public Media Foundation. We have also been supported by the Lenfest Institute, Resolve Philadelphia, and Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication.