Kensington Voice is currently staffed by journalism faculty, journalists, and community organizers from the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University.

Jillian Bauer-Reese
Jillian is an assistant professor of journalism in the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University where she teaches courses in data and design, solutions journalism, and community engagement. Connect with Jillian via email at or on Twitter at @thesmallpicture.

Managing Editor
Erin Blewett
Erin is a Philadelphia-based multimedia journalist and documentary photographer originally from Oceanport, New Jersey. She graduated from Temple University in 2019 with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and English. In the past, her work has been published in USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, WXPN’s The Key, and Billy Penn. She is dedicated to telling stories with words and images that serve the communities she works in and draws attention to voices that are typically underrepresented in the media. Connect with Erin via email at, on Instagram at @erinblewett, or on Twitter at @ErinBlewett

News Features Editor
Henry Savage
Native to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, Henry has been covering topics such as politics and social issues since 2015. With Kensington Voice, he hopes to create a platform for a strong community that was never given a fair chance. He believes Kensington is vibrant and has the willpower to succeed if given the resources to do so. Connect with Henry via email at, on Instagram at @mediabyhenry, or on Twitter at @mediabyhenry

Zari Tarazona
Zari Tarazona is a Philadelphia-based journalist. Zari’s family is from Peru, but she grew up in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Zari graduated from Klein College of Media and Communication in May 2019. Before joining Kensington Voice, she worked as an editorial intern, freelance writer and deputy features editor at The Temple News, Temple University’s student-run newspaper. Zari plans to use her journalism, digital media and Spanish skills to continue Kensington Voice’s mission of engaging underserved voices and answering questions not often addressed by the media. Connect with Zari via email at or on Twitter at @SorryZari.

Siani Colón
Siani Colón is a senior journalism student at Temple University. They have previously served as the assistant director of engagement for The Temple News, an editorial intern for Green Philly, and an editorial fellow for Motivos Magazine. Connect with Siani at or on Twitter @Siani_Colon.

Diana Cristancho
Diana Cristancho is a senior journalism major at Temple University who will graduate in December 2019. Connect with Diana via email at or on Twitter at @dccristancho

Multimedia Reporter
Solmaira Valerio
Solmaira Valerio is a photographer based in Philadelphia. She is a first-generation college student who studied photography at Community College of Philadelphia and is currently a journalism major with a psychology minor at Temple University. She is very passionate about helping underrepresented communities through her work and loves traveling. Connect with Solmaira via email at or on Instagram at @mein_myroom.

Community Storytelling Coordinator
Maggie Loesch
Maggie is a student in the community development and photojournalism programs at Temple University who is interested in making media more accessible. She loves SEPTA, public art, and corny jokes. Connect with Maggie via email at, on Instagram at @magsloesch, or at her biweekly story corner workshops at McPherson Square Library.

Community Storytelling Coordinator
Claudia Salvato
Connect with Claudia via email at

Kerry Helferty
Kerry is an advertising major with a concentration in art direction at Temple University. She is a photographer and graphic designer who plans to utilize her skills to serve the community. Connect with Kerry via email at

Kim Holdredge
Kim is a junior advertising major specializing in design and strategy at Temple University. Her passion for design has accompanied her throughout her life and she hopes that she can impact how others view it. Connect with Kim via email at or on Instagram at @kim.creates.

Kristine Aponte
Kristine is a junior communication studies major at Klein College at Temple University. Proud of her Dominican and Colombian heritage, she has been especially dedicated to the development and execution of a variety of the university’s Latinx initiatives such as Temple’s first Spanish-language talk show, 15-minute news broadcast, and Kensington Voice. Connect with Kristine via email at