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‘We’re here to put support behind one of our neighbors. He is a pillar of the community.’

Salem Snow
Salem Snow is a member of NSCAN, a community organization. “We’re here to put support behind one of our neighbors,” Snow said. (Photo by Erin Blewett)

Salem Snow

NSCAN, former candidate for Congress

Why are you at the rally tonight?

We’re here to put support behind one of our neighbors. He is a pillar of the community, he runs a mom and pop business, and unfortunately, he was arrested and is facing charges for protecting himself and protecting his business and protecting our community as a whole.

How do you think the police department should handle emergency calls, like property damages, looting, and violence in the neighborhood?

Context is very important. Individuals that are in the [Norris Square] community just running a mom-and-pop store don’t have [many] resources. [During past protests,] there were cops over in Fishtown that were guarding businesses out there but not here. Where Fishtown seems to be more white-centric, this is a Latino neighborhood. Our businesses are not having the same protection. So, [Gonzalez] was forced into a situation where he had to protect himself, and now he’s facing repercussions for protecting himself and his community.

If you could send a message to city leadership, what would you say?

I would ask that City Hall get behind us; get behind him. Look at the context. Again, this is not white vigilantes on top of GameStop or a Target or something like that. This is someone who was under attack and who defended himself, and self-defense is something that everybody has the right to.

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